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Bwientenik: Morning Coffee by Lavenkitty Bwientenik: Morning Coffee by Lavenkitty
Current progress so far, fixed window and lines. Need to shade and color background more and detail Torraz's provisions as well. I need to fix the streaks of light if you notice they're crooked, they weren't before though..

I thought I'd update you guys on something art related before I get myself to do work, I don't want to but I have to.. ehh..


As he does any day, Bwientenik enjoys a cup of coffee he gets every morning and looks out the window as Torraz is waking up to their sun from a distance of his base in space.

He's addicted to coffee. That's his drug considerably.

..I have no negative things to say about this picture.. there is nothing wrong from what I can see other than maybe the background, although it's bare and easily fixable albeit.
But character wise I looked at from putting it up to a light backwards and found no errors visible. Which is odd. And also I suck at side views normally. Yet when I don't exactly pay attention to drawing and sort of let my hand draw and not plan it out I get this? Huh, maybe I should stop being a perfectionist every now and then.. I guess.

But the background bothers me a bit. Especially since I have no clue on how to do perspectives at all.. So I did it my way, the only way that my brain understands. It's like perspective but like.. simpler. lol
My problem is that I don't know when to use the types of perspectives to utilize the type of view I want. I just don't know which one would fit the picture inside my head.

Also I was brain dead on ideas and this came out. Maybe I have more ideas than I thought but I am too intimidated to draw them or to try them? I don't know. But if given an idea I still can't draw it. Like RQs. I'll have to just do what I did for this one: Just draw and don't think too much. ( That's hard for me to not plan out things.. very hard.. xDD )
My brain is an odd one.

And if you're wondering what that writing is at the bottom, that is just me writing down what I'd like to put on the window, for the box there is the time, then under it is those words, translated to the Torrazian version of English and then I have to re-translate it to the symbol version alphabet of Torraz. This shit is confusing but I'm starting to learn to draw these symbols by hand.

Names do not get translated. It would be silly to do that, well.. to me it is anyways.

Any suggestions? And I think I exaggerated the coffee smoke too.. lol I tend to exaggerate smoke a lot, haven't you noticed?

Some prepping to see what needs work again. I wanted to draw someone else other than the people I've been drawing. Next up when I finish it I'll have Isois sometime up. If I finish.. unlikely..

Art & Bwientenik :iconlavenkitty:=Lavenkitty
Do not take without permission. Do not take this without asking, no recoloring, claiming as your own, ect. You may use this as an icon, ID, wallpaper or whatnot, just let me know so you won't have an issue of being accused of art theft. Respect the artist. Don't be a fool.
K-E-Y-K-O Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
in space, nobody can't see you taking a cup ^^
Lavenkitty Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope lol.
K-E-Y-K-O Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012
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